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Know you will come, so I pay attention to the public number Sina micro plastic, see more exciting original content! Source: ten books today look at micro-blog, Jonathan Lee and Fish Leong chorus "as clear as noonday my heart" concert video on the hot search. In the video, Jonathan Lee said the first sentence: the little girl grew up oh…… She recently told me that she can understand more of my songs, older, gradually know Daddy had written what it means, but I hope you don’t like your way through so much. Jonathan Lee is Fish Leong’s godfather, is her godfather, he wrote her a song "night" grew up in that year, "I always say little, do not know how to express love, let the girl grow up overnight." See a research article that people’s brains are not as mature as the body. A person’s body, 25 years old has begun to slow aging, but the brain at the age of 20 is still growing, exploring. At this time the brain needs stimulation, need fresh, need to vent. Therefore, when we are young, we are easily confused and anxious. Wait until later, we think that they seem to mature, but always do something wrong. But making mistakes is not a 20 year old patent. Mature patent

one can not make mistakes at the age of 20. Some time ago patent met a friend not seen for a long time, after she went through a period of peace again and again, break up break up relationships, is no longer a lot of friends and contact. At that meeting, I asked her why she was avoiding everyone She said: wake up after, felt I was almost 30 years old, still staged this idea that drama, feel too silly. We all know he is not reliable, but I still wasted more than a year in his body. I asked her: if you do not meet him, time will not be wasted? When she heard the question, she looked a little surprised and smiled: Yes, in fact, a lot of time is wasted every day. Know that you will come, so I can not talk about the so-called waste of love, the first love, let her know, women’s independence is how important. The second miss, let her know, she exactly want what kind of life. The third entanglements, let her know, to the age of 30 can not casually marry a person. Because, every time, she really has become a better person, her heart is in constant growth, she is really 20 years old when more confident, more love yourself. You will know how to | two | isn’t grown up? How long does it take for a person to grow up? A lot of single girl told me: so far, they can not forgive their parents in the derailment of the party. Because they are too irresponsible, is a wayward child. What’s more, a lot of people have not grown up, but found that, as adults, parents still being stupid. 50 year old dad, still chasing a young girl. 40 years old mother, who actually believe that the oath. And 20 years old, they are forced to grow up, forcing their maturity. But I feel that they have an unfortunate family, so相关的主题文章: