Analysis Barana out of the doldrums at home to win – Sohu 残清1864

Pakistan analysis: Barana can win out of the doldrums home court – Sohu of Beijing in August 30th 7, the 2016 season of Brazil Football League twenty-second round of a match race, by Barana athletic home court against Botta Fuego. Recent record: Barana athletics in the last 5 games record is a record of 1 wins and 4 losses; in the last 5 games, Botta Fuego’s record is a record of 4 wins and 1 losses. One track: the two sides last 10 games against Barana athletic 6 wins and 1 draws and 3 losses prevail. Situation: Barana athletic team recent state is very low, nearly 6 of the tournament record of 5 wins and 1 losses, the last 4 games and lost all, but not into a ball, whether offensive or defensive, there are very obvious flaws, the current Barana athletic product 30 points behind the League ninth. In danger of relegation yet no threat to them, but if the downturn continues to be pushed to the relegation zone is not possible. Botta Fuego’s recent state is very good, nearly 6 games 4 wins and 2 defeats, the last 2 game win streak, scoring 4 goals lost 1 ball, the team has a good play on both ends, and the team in the championship from downstream has climbed to the middle position, at present they are less a game in the row in the table thirteenth, if we can continue to win in the game and the game, their position will be at the top of the table will have a more substantial rise. Analysis of ball handicap: the game for the disc open let flat half water, it seems Barana athletic recent downturn did not affect Gambling company for their confidence in the game market stage, positions unchanged, found water increase slightly, Barana athletic this season in the home court record is very splendid, so far 10 home court 7 2 wins 1 of the negative record, the negative or a previous round League home court is leader in Botta Fuego beat Palmeiras, the road loss rate as high as 60%, even if the recent record is better than a strong rebound, they could not conceal the fact of having insufficient ability, I think the game still has Barana athletic big wins. Color does not allow the ball recommended: 3, 1 score recommended: 1-0 1-1相关的主题文章: