Or the official will play! Inventory of the role of animation 乃々果花

Or the official will play! Check the animation of the role in the transfer of the two dimension equal to anything in the world, the official (the original author, the producers) and often make people surprised things, such as the popular "sex change" setting, the original party always played tricks, such as what magic girl there are boys that actor became adorable girl like…… Or do you play! Can you accept the "sex change" setting? Would you like this role? Today, the mother penguin to introduce some of the sexual role! 1: the young girl ("magical girl plan", Sakura Aya Akira sound) October – "magic girl plan" had a fresh turn of role, "the young girl" magical girl, is a very adorable, Optima is also very big adorable girl, however her true identity is a cute boy on SA too!! Yes, in the "magical girl plan" in this work, change before and after the transfiguration set is completely different, so sex change is completely no problem what! The SA is a lovely boy’s childhood is very love magic girl, he love to play football at school, but still secretly see the magical girl genre, especially love the magic is a powerful fighting force the girl, then took the sword "holy girl" also reflects his preferences. A magical girl, he saw through his old friend (because the magic girl turned shape changed completely, so generally do not see), and after the brutal survival game, he also vowed to protect. 2: Ranma Saotome ("Ranma 12", voiced by: Yamaguchi Kappei, Hayashibara Megumi) has just introduced new appearing in the transfer of roles, here we introduce a very ancient works, this work should be popular comics in "a" relatively early, if someone when seen in this work…… Hehe, your exposure age oh! The first grade students lead Ranma Saotome wind forest high school hall. No difference in fighting Saotome flow heir, childhood with his father to go to the China practice of boxing, Wu Yi high, always dressed Chinese wind, had a small plait, but his most startling characteristic is attached to a cold water will become a girl! This is because when the father wandering Quan Xiang Niang strayed into the martial arts charm fountain (fountain is caused by the mother had a girl drowned in an ancient spring, so people will fall into the curse, incidentally, his father into the panda fountain, it will become the panda……) But both men and women are Ranma Kung Fu Qiang, careless character, works, he lodged in his father’s brother the same master of heaven and heaven’s early cloud fiancee home, but only in the face of Tao Qian, his personality will become very proud…… It’s all a very popular element right now, Mr. Rumiko Takahashi. You’re really going to play! 3: Buddha ("girls and girls play", voiced by Ueda Kana) is playing the "Buddha girls love girls", the male protagonist, deer deer stripe stripe city high school biennial students, members of the Department of horticulture, is a love within the juvenile plants, usually, long hair will cover the eyes, there is no sense]相关的主题文章: