Chengdu held the memory of the martyrs merit loyal police, carry forward the public security martyrs 特命战队go busters

Chengdu held "the memory of the martyrs merit? Loyal police to carry forward the" public security martyrs memorial activities – Sichuan channel — September 30 Chengdu Xinhua (reporter Li Ping) "I swear that I become a volunteer of People’s Republic of China people’s police. I pledge allegiance to the Communist Party of China, to the motherland, to the people and to the law……" September 30th morning, Chengdu City Public Security Bureau, more than 500 police representatives, passionate sonorous and forceful relive into the police oath, echoed in the Shuangliu Mumashan police over the monument. To pay tribute to sacrifice the precious life in maintaining the safety of people’s lives and property in the police, the police arouse public security martyrs to inherit and carry forward the revolutionary tradition, in third the national statutory martyrs day approaching, Chengdu City Public Security Bureau in Shuangliu Mumashan Beiqian police soul held in the memory of the martyrs merit promote loyalty? "As the theme of the police public security Martyrs Memorial activities. 10 morning, the solemn memorial ceremony site, all the staff to participate in the ceremony and stood, solemn and majestic national anthem resounded through the Beiqian police. Chengdu City Public Security Bureau inspector Wan Wentao read the funeral oration. Then, slowly will be a small Chengdu City Public Security Bureau sent to the police in front of the wreath, and to the public security martyrs to fire a salute. All of the leaders and police hats off, in the national model for earthquake relief, police detachment of police led by Nancy, relive the oath into the police, and pay tribute to public security martyrs valiant record and with great reverence to the police monument. The police have said that the memorial activities is a memory to wake up, it is a touch of soul incentive, urging them to remember the glorious achievements of martyrs, forever loyal character, inheritance martyrs behest, always perform the sacred duties of the people’s police, take practical action to comfort the public security martyrs of the spirit of the deceased. It is understood that Chengdu has more than 90 police officers on the glorious sacrifice. Chengdu City Public Security Bureau inspector Wan Wentao and outstanding people, the most beautiful police martyrs children and part of a total of more than 500 people to participate in activities on behalf of. (commissioning editor Li Qiangqiang and Gao Hongxia)相关的主题文章: