Electric soul 2017 release of the new dream of the three models of the 2 adaptation of the upcoming matlab 等高线�

The soul of 2017 released six new dream three 2 adapted for animation coming on line 7.5 CGWR score card booking | novice dream three 2 area electric Soul Network 2016 season and the 2017 star entertainment new conference in November 12th, officially unveiled in Harbin city. At this time the soul "more than this" conference, electric Soul Network on 2017 the full range of new products including independent research and development of new and significant progress in the game, and comic games for the first time exposure agent. Electric Soul Network Conference innovation and change from the shackles of independent research and development and diffuse change go hand in hand "this time we don’t talk about strategy, capital, not to talk about feelings, return to the essence of the spirit of the game — the artisan spirit", electric Soul Network Operations Director and marketing director Mr. Li Huafeng in this conference so to speak. Along with the market to speed up the game more meals, game player game industry has also been adapted to the warm boiled frog and "sick", each a new game will give birth to a number of "locusts" game player, while in transit, "locusts" and "dead" game. In this context, Mr Li Huafeng is recalled all our games the hearts of the dream of the game, "do not forget the early heart" more responsible "artisan spirit". "More than this" is all the voices of the soul, the soul mentioned, people first think of is China’s wind competitive hot tourist "dream Three Kingdoms" and the soul of electricity last month A shares listed, and through this conference, all the people officially declared the soul, we not only the "dream of the Three Kingdoms", also listed we are just a new starting point, we start a new journey game builders — captured Wei Shu Wu dream tower defense Mobile Games at the press conference, electric soul network first exposure "captured" and "Wei Shu Wu" Mobile Games dream tower defense two China new wind. "Captured" by Wei Shu Wu line painter joined, stronger SPINE skeletal animation technology support, there is no doubt that in the game’s visual experience and enjoyment. In terms of competitive gameplay is also more interesting than other TCG types of games, set for the test of the line to test the player’s hand speed and IQ. Fast rhythm, extremely rich library, but also captured the two characteristics of "Wei Shu Wu", and in this game will have more social system, according to the GPS positioning can find nearby friends interactive activities and game player. "The dream tower defense Mobile Games" is a breakthrough of traditional tower defense game new Mobile Games, at the press conference, the essence of the game producer mentioned is "passive defense, become history". "The dream tower defense Mobile Games" as a new competitive defense Mobile Games, with breakthrough 3V3 real-time battle play. Has a wealth of heroes, cards, and clever collocation strategy. The rhythm is breezy, single 8~12 minutes, from the traditional tower defense team to take the initiative to attack, "the dream tower defense Mobile Games" has taken a big step of competitive defense. In the pursuit of independent research and development innovation, electric soul network has also begun to try to work from the comic, text mining good works to adapt to the game. In the choice of comics, text works is also a continuation of MOBA’s warm blood route. Light and shadow showdown light hand tour.相关的主题文章: