Violation of the suspension of the transfer of the commitment to low cost should be constrained by t carmex润唇膏

In violation of commitments to suspend the transfer of low cost constraints should be high Dong supervisor reduction behavior of sina finance App: Live on-line blogger to tutor the purchase of new shares: the stock market is the most simple way to pick up the money on the evening of September 27th bears Jinqiu, saddle heavy shares announcement that the company’s deputy general manager and Secretary of the board of directors Zhang Baotian for violating major restructuring report the commitments, the Commission received Liaoning authority warning letter, related violations recorded in the credit file. The author believes that due to the reorganization of assets of the listed company information disclosure of illegal and criminal investigation period, should rise to the height of the laws and regulations, to limit the directors and supervisors of higher reduction behavior, not only from the "breach of promise" angle constraints. In April 22, 2016, the "saddle heavy shares announcement of major assets and issue shares to buy assets and raise matching funds and related transactions" report, the company intends to major asset replacement, the placement of assets for all nine equity group, the transaction constitutes a backdoor listing. "Report" in the directors and supervisors of listed companies such as the "high commitment to provide or disclose the information exchange is suspected of false records, misleading statements or major omissions, by the judicial investigation or investigation by the Commission, before the formation of the investigation conclusion, not to transfer with interests in the shares of listed companies". In May 27th, saddle heavy shares due to the transaction information disclosure of alleged illegal investigation by the Commission, has not yet been closed in May 28th; saddle heavy shares announcement suggests the existence of the risk of suspension of listing; yet Zhang Baotian in June 14th to sell saddle heavy shares 150 thousand shares, involving an amount of 4 million 270 thousand yuan, thus violating the original commitment. Dong Jiangao’s commitment to the above content, it is the major asset restructuring of listed companies management approach, the provisions of article twenty-sixth. However, if the listed company is indeed a violation of the commitment of the High Commissioner, the restructuring management approach does not require further disciplinary measures. Of course, this 2014 "regulatory guidelines listed company No. fourth – the actual control of listed companies, shareholders and related parties, the offeror and the commitment and performance of listed companies" have some restrictions, such as the violation of commitments, the Commission will be based on the "Interim Measures" of the securities and futures market integrity supervision and management, the relevant information recorded in the credit file, and the commitment of the parties to take regulatory conversation, ordered to publicly ordered to make corrections, and other regulatory measures issued warning letters. But in violation of the promise to suspend the transfer is only issued a warning letter and other disciplinary, its binding is very limited. For example, in the case of the subject, as a listed company secretaries, the relevant laws and regulations can not be absolutely ignorant of, does not rule out such a possibility: that is because the parties did not know what the big deal illegal consequences, and the violation of "commitment to suspend the transfer of" reduction behavior, yet the economic aspects of disciplinary measures, it may the main reason is the high Dong supervisor to the violation of commitments. I think, for once the suspicion of false statements by filing the reorganization of assets information disclosure requirements, not high Dong supervisor and counterparty commitment to suspend the transfer, but should be mandatory, during prohibition of the main transfer. The reason why such a provision, the first theory相关的主题文章: