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UnCategorized Pilates fitness equipment is essential to make the most of your pilates workout. This article will introduce you to some of the most important basic pilates exercise equipment as well as talk about the more advanced pilates machines. The perfect starting point is the Pilates floor mat as it should be the first addition to you pilates home equipment collection. Its important to test the thickness of the cushion as well as the durability of the mat material as your pilates mat will be the most used piece of equipment in your workout. You want to make sure that it will last through a 1000+ workouts while providing a consistent cushion from the floor. This allows you to focus on the core ground exercises and not any discomfort in your spine. Next, we have the Pilates exercise ball. Your exercise ball is another inexpensive must have addition to your pilates home equipment. With the pilates exercise ball you are able to raise some of the core exercises off the ground and add an element of balance into the workout. The addition of a balancing act while completing the pilates workout targets the smaller, hard to reach core muscles and dramatically increases your overall fitness improvements from pilates. The Pilates Magic Circle is a toning tool that allows you to work the muscles beyond the basic core. Made of a soft rubber ring, the magic circle helps you to reshape your body through plyometric movements. While not as essential as the mat and ball, the pilates magic circle is a welcome addition to your pilates home equipment because it brings resistance training into your workout and allows you to work muscles in different directions than without equipment. Pilates Reformer equipment is for those who want to take the average workout and turn it into an intense full body pilates workout. When you first see reformer equipment, you might think you a looking at some form of rowing machine, but the pilates reformer machine is designed to target torso stability. This creates the effect of improving the posture and extending the core muscles used in pilates. Reformer workouts are great for the body because they are a no impact workout that goes easy on your joints and spine, while giving you an intense pilates workout. Reformer equipment achieves this through the gliding motion of the machine, which allows for a smooth yet difficult workout. Pilates fitness equipment is essential for getting the full benefit of your pilates workout. This introduction has been meant as a primer for those beginner pilates enthusiasts and those ready to take their workout to an advanced level. I hope it has given you some insight into how to get your best pilates workout and will help you to achieve your goals in fitness. About the Author: 相关的主题文章: