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Ecommerce Pre Qualified MLM Leads have had a tough time lately simply because of a negative ad campaign by a lot of networkers who really don’t know how to use them.. Basically it boils down to Magnetic Sponsoring. As more and more people starting using magnetic sponsoring, more and more people found out that a negative ad campaign will increase their sales of the magnetic sponsoring ebook. I’ve used both pre screened and pre qualified mlm leads and in some cases these leads should never be used to help you build your business. The question now becomes, which businesses should never use these types of leads? Pre Screened MLM Leads are expensive as some of you have already found out. The Magnetic Sponsoring followers have created this negative ad campaign to magnetically attract you to their ad’s. These people have ad’s all over the place. The most popular places to find these ads are in Google AdWords, my space, squidoo, YouTube, and every social web 2.0. These ad campaigns are creating some quality leads for these people as well as helping them earn some additional income. Does all this mean that these leads are no good? Here is a definition of a Pre Qualified MLM Lead. A pre-qualified MLM lead has been contacted by phone. This prospect has given them permission to be contacted by someone of a particular company and they understand that this person will share their business opportunity with them. These people (prospects) understand they will need time and money to start a home based business. The leads are expensive because trained telemarketers usually have to dial between 25-50 prospects to come up with one good solid lead for you. MLM Brokers are people who purchase these leads and turn around and sell them to you. They try hard to keep the cost around $5 per lead, but sometimes it’s just not possible. So, they have tried to fudge the system and do it online where it doesn’t cost nearly as much. This is the area that is of great concern. There is a big difference between a prospect who has been interviewed over the phone and a prospect who is simply filling out information on the internet. Sometimes your sponsor will be flooded with leads and they can’t possibly work all of them in a given time frame. These leaders will "hand me down" those leads to people in their downline to work and sponsor. These types of leads are excellent and you should work them diligently. Here is the key to working any type of lead and even the magnetic sponsoring people can do it. 1. get free information into your prospects hands and get them into your autoresponder 2. offer them a "cheap" information book (usually $5) on the industry or spotting scam artists 3. build your relationship with them including the trust factor via your autoresponder 4. converting them into downline members Earlier I spoke about using these leads for certain companies. If your company is a nutrtional company, then I would never use these leads for that. If your company offers some other product that is less than $200 I still wouldn’t use these types of leads. These leads are best suited for australian 2 up plans that cost around $500 and up. Magnetic Sponsoring who have tried these leads for the wrong company do have a right to use their negative ad campaigns, however if they had learned where to use these types of leads, they wouldn’t have wasted their money. Right? If you still want to work pre qualified leads for a mlm business then you need to find a good product in "step 2 above" that will sell like hot cakes. That is about the only way to make it work. If you have an automated system that will continually follow up with your prospects then your chances of breaking even on lead purchased plus product sales dramatically improve. Automate Your Pre Qualified MLM Leads System {{{The automation part of this equation is not some downline sponsoring trick. It is a carefully thought out and planned process that leads your prospects from one funnel to the next. Each step teaches your prospects about your sales funnel and product at the same time.|The internet allows you to create a automated system. Carefully plan your each step of your sales process and teach your prospects how they can use this system to help them earn passive income. Please do not confuse this automated system with the downline building systems that trick people. There is a huge difference and prospects do not like to be tricked into purchasing your products. How would you feel if you were tricked into purchasing a product? Who should use these types of leads? Experienced networkers who have a high end program and use the phone are the best candidates for these types of leads. Beginners should stay about a thousand miles away from them. If you follow the steps above, then Buying MLM Leads Will be Fun– Once Again because your downline is growing like crazy. Make it a sponsoring frenzy week. About the Author: 相关的主题文章: