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Food-and-Drink In my previous writings on how to evaluate a good Providence Restaurant, I examined the initial phase of a dining experience. I discussed everything from the importance of good restaurant name to the many different types of dessert. I went on to discuss the importance of prompt service, excellent bread quality and the way in which servers go about clearing your dishes. Furthermore, I discussed food presentation and how symmetry, plate style and a creative eye are a necessity when presenting a dish to make it look delicious. In this entry I will discuss an oft-overlooked yet nonetheless vital part of any restaurant: Its location. A restaurants location plays a tremendous role in whether or not it will end up being successful or falling by the wayside like so many others. Even the most delicious restaurants will not be able to attract customers when they are situated in a bad part of town. This is because the kinds of people who generally go out to eat at fancy restaurants typically do not want to venture into any area that they perceive as being potentially dangerous. However, this many people who are well off and considered hip, are known for moving into newly gentrified areas and making them cool. How is this relevant? It is relevant because if a restaurateur is able to accurately predict that a certain neighborhood is on the cusp of being gentrified, he or she can open a restaurant there ahead of the inevitable pack of upper class socialites who will move into the newly refurbished area. Having foresight is tremendously important when picking the location for a Providence Restaurant . For example, as a result of the above-mentioned restaurateurs prescience, he or she has just successfully accomplished two immensely important aspects of any restaurant opening process. First of all, he or she was able to purchase their location for the cheap prices associated with a low-income neighborhood while the gentrification process will exponentially increase the buildings value. Second of all, but certainly no less important than the first part, this new restaurant is now opened in a newly cool neighborhood, ensuring that it will be located in an area that is well travelled by people with expendable incomes and a keen interest in fine foods. The success of the rest of the opening process is up to the chefs and General managers. The chefs must ensure that their menus cater to the tastes of their wealthy demographic. The general manager must diligently implement policies that demand the highest level of training and service from his employees. Of course luck also plays a big role in how these things work out but that is a harder thing to quantify. When all of these factors come together, you are left with what is sure to be a fantastic dining experience. Stay tuned for my next entry in this series of rants about restaurants in providence. Next time I will get into more detail about how restaurants are run and discuss the difference between chains and family owned eateries. About the Author: 相关的主题文章: