the traffic laws have been strengthened recently in many states. The laws can vary with different places 大黄鱼卖出轿车钱 驱逐舰与商船相撞

Finance Car insurance for teens is always a costly affair. According to surveys, chance for a sixteen year old driver to get into accident is ten times more than that of persons between the ages of 30 to 59. There can not be better reasons for insurance providers being so hesitant with teen divers. The risk factor associated with a teen driver directly reflects on the cost of insurance cover as well. Yet, by following some steps you can ensure auto insurance coverage at a much lower rate. The first thing is to keep a good, clean driving record. Clean driving record means no traffic violations, no over speed driving and ultimately no accidents. If you can keep your driving record clean for a certain period, you will be rewarded with lesser premiums. To ensure their responsibility, make them accountable for at least a small amount of the insurance premium every month thorough any part time job. Buy a vehicle having some extra features for safety. This can benefit you as the intensity of the accident can be reduced. Never opt for one that falls into the category of a sporty vehicle. Chance of accidents with a sports car is much higher than that with an ordinary vehicle. This can place you directly in the double risk category resulting in higher premiums. Young people tend to misuse all the freedom they get. The same is the case with driving license also. To prevent new drivers from doing what they are supposed to do with a license, the traffic laws have been strengthened recently in many states. The laws can vary with different places, but are intended to control new drivers from getting into accidents. New drivers have restrictions for night driving, number of occupants etc. They will have zero alcohol tolerance also. Though they will be issued a full license for driving, it may be marked with an additional letter to indicate that he/she is a new driver. You will need to appear for another test after a period of time to remove the indicator. If you would want to take out a cheap teen car insurance policy for your son, the best way is to go for a stand alone policy. With a stand alone policy, the insurer is not added as an additional driver but as an independent one. You can get it from an agency that is specialized in teen insurance business. Another nifty trick to reduce premiums is to buy them with higher deductible. The rates and deductible are in reverse proportion and as deductible increases the rates will decrease making lower premiums. Also try to find out insurers who are specialized in teen insurance and do some research on their quotes. About the Author: – – – – – – – – – – 相关的主题文章: