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Software Lexmark International, Inc. is a multination corporation that manufactures laser printers as well as provides enterprise services. The company was established in 1991, before, it was a part of IBM but when IBM divested its printer and printer supply functions to Clayton & Dubilier & Rice, Inc. which was a popular the investment firm, in a leveraged buyout. On November 15, 1995 Lexmark officially became a publicly traded company on New York Stock Exchange. The company also offers reliable Lexmark Support assistive services to those who have issues with their devices and need a resolution procedure. This official support is available in the form of live and online support, depending upon the requirements of users. Till the product is under warranty all official support are available for free but when it has run out some of them become paid. After warranty company may ask for a good amount for its paid services but online mode is available for free to everyone and includes almost all issues resolutions. At times official sources may not suffice according to users requirements and this may lead him to start searching for some other alternatives for Lexmark Support. Here are some of the common issues that a printed could have with the resolutions: Printer is not accepting printer command: The causes of this error would be more than one but most common reason is driver. When printer driver is not properly updated or installed them printer show such kind of error, to resolve this you have to reinstall your driver. To install a new driver firstly you have to uninstall old driver. You will get updated driver from your official website, install a proper driver according to your devices model number, install it and try to print again. Wi-Fi printing is very slow: When you place your printer close to your router then it would not show Wi-Fi connection error and increase throughput as well as reduce printing time. But at times you may not be able to change to place of our printer you can also try some more options that would resolve your issue without any relocation of your printer. Make sure that your router is adequate it should support 802.11n and offer the 5GHz band as well as 2.4 GHz and that its firmware is up to date. You could add a wireless extender or a repeater to increase performance if need be. How to adjust more text on one page: You can do this very easily by just follow some instructions. While you are ready to print, a dialog box would come in front of you, and there would be a smaller box marked Zoom. There will be a drop down box that would allow you to select the number of pages per sheet. Printer shows ink cartridge is empty message but it is full: At times in printer some of the sensors in the cartridges are manufactured to sound the alarm before it is completely out. You just dont need to give much attention to this message and print as you were, whenever you find that the cartridge is actually empty just replace it with the new one. If above resolutions are not sufficient for you and you still looking for some other modes of Lexmark Support, there are several alternative available that would offer you on-call assistive services instantly. There are many service providers available in the industry that work with dedicated teams of skilled technicians and can offer fast and quality Lexmark Support. These technicians are capable to provide the best possible resolution in the shortest time. You can get their contact details from their websites over the internet. About the Author: 相关的主题文章: