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Hardware Epson have brought out their range of Epson Expression printers and are selling them in their thousands at prices starting around 40 on-line. While the price is great for the printer how much is it for an ink cartridge? This printer takes four ink cartridges: the Epson T1811 (XL) black ink cartridge, Epson T1812 (XL) Cyan ink cartridge, Epson T1813 Magenta ink cartridge and the Epson T1814 (XL) Yellow ink cartridge. The ink volumes of these XL inkjet cartridges are larger than a standard volume; the XL compatible black ink cartridge holds 16ml and the colours 11ml. Epson describe the printer as a Small-in-One to reflect their small size and this printer is certainly that, one of Epsons most compact printers to date. The Epson printer Expression XP-405 is a real budget printer with the facility to print, copy and scan but the important issue for many users is the cost of the ink cartridges for an Epson Expression printer. You can buy an Epson Expression printer on-line for anywhere between 45 and 150 depending on the model, however, until recently it was not possible to get compatible ink cartridges for these printers. There is a limited of on-line suppliers of compatible ink cartridges for Epson Expression printers in Ireland at the moment.These ink cartridges offer great savings on the cost of an original Epson Expression inkjet cartridge making the purchase of the printer a great bargain! Look out for a multipack deals for the compatible ink cartridges which either offers a great price, free ink cartridges, free post and packing or even all three! It shouldnt be too difficult to find a multipack offer, as there isnt that many ink suppliers in Ireland offering free ink cartridges with their bundle deals. If you manage to find a supplier who will offer great multipack deals on your ink cartridges why not share it with your friends, family and work colleagues, as surely a great discovery should be shared. The fact that the Epson Expression uses four separate ink cartridges that will allow the printer to continue to print even if one has completely run out (we havent tested this claim yet) is testament to Epson Expression printers coming down on the side of the user. It can be very frustrating when you run low on a colour and the printer refuses to print black until you replace the Cyan, Magenta or Yellow ink cartridge. Reviews on the Epson Expression printers ink cartridges have been mixed as many people thought they were being had by being sold a cheap printer only to find that the ink cartridges actually cost more than the printer! This was certainly the case before the compatible ink cartridges became available and now it seems all is forgiven and the printer looks like a true bargain. So its well done to Epson and well done to the Epson compatible ink cartridge manufacturers who have made this union possible! About the Author: By: sinuse – Toshiba TEC is one of the well known leading electronic giant and farmed for it’s innovative technology worldwide. They have so many innovative electronic products but Toshiba TEC B-EX4D2 is the best Thermal Printer for industrial … By: Stam Bett – Laptop radiation is a major concern as it can lead to a lot of health issues. You will be surprised to know that there are certain cases in which laptop radiation has led to infertility in men. By: Katharina Smith – For those who are looking for highly effective and efficient servers for storage purposes, they should go for the storage servers. 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