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The United States presidential election countdown 5 days reduced the tension – Hilary lead Beijing, Beijing, November 4 Xinhua comprehensive report, the United States presidential election countdown 5 days, the latest polls reflect the tension, reduce the leading edge of Democratic candidate Hilary, only a minority of voters said it has not yet decided who to vote for. According to the "New York Times" and the Cbs Broadcasting Inc (CBS) of the poll, Hilary’s support rate of 45%, the 42% rivals Trump, lead from 9 points a few weeks ago narrowed to 3 percentage points. Only a minority of voters surveyed said they may change his mind at the last minute, 92% of the respondents said they had made up his mind. According to last month’s national poll average, Trump caught many accusations of sexual harassment during the storm, Hilary’s leading margin expansion, the latest poll Langpu support rate rose. Of those who could vote, 6 said they had little impact on their choice. In the same way, most voters are indifferent to the administration’s re investigation of Hilary’s e-mail scandal. Most people say that they understand the development of things, but 62% of people said there is no difference. November 8th, the United States will vote for the presidential election. With the heat of the election, both the Democratic presidential candidate Hilary, Republican presidential candidate, Trump, are doing the last stroke.相关的主题文章: