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45 layers of "high-end" slums: hundreds of flat glass curtain wall per capita (original title: "45 layer" high-end "slums: per capita hundreds of flat full glass curtain wall") lead: photographer in Venezuela downtown David building, took a group of photos like this. The David building was built in 1990, the total number was 45, up to 195 meters, is a skyscraper in Venezuela’s capital city in central Caracas, but later due to the economic downturn, the whole building completed only sixty percent. Now it has become the world’s most high-end slums, gathered about more than 1 thousand and 500 impoverished population, per capita area each have at least hundreds of square meters, and the building is also the full glass curtain wall window. (source: curious anecdotes) public concern number are cavity tune ", see more wonderful original content! Now living in the poor people, just started a little bit of a temporary stay, but because more and more people, but also no one tube, so many people began to settle here illegally. Now the David building has become a significant symbol of Caracas, at the same time, it also represents the development of economy and the lag. For a group of poor children figure, playing on the top floor unscrupulous, this is their day game place. Although the environment is very general, but here, the scenery is really good, but also very few people. There are some people who install cable TV, they love to watch the game. The picture shows a man really debugging the antenna, because of the height of the relationship, sometimes very unstable. Map for the top floor, where we can see that the ground was littered with broken glass, because the whole house a few at the top floor of the glass curtain wall is not completed. And a stray dog is here. Here are a lot of families to live here, for the ting and Tong two brothers play on the bed, from their expressions can be seen, this environment is very good for them. There are even a few people who have built their own land here, divided into separate small houses. The woman just came out of the bathroom and the man next to her was her husband. Some young people who have ideas and hobbies, have established a small basketball court, they will also hold a basketball game. It’s a black and white TV set, and there’s a lot of people coming up at night. The man in the picture is talking to his wife. The little girl is already old enough to go to school, but she can’t read the book. She said she wanted to get out of this life.相关的主题文章: