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Becoming a Commercial Architect

Architectural design is the course behind the beautiful buildings we see. The architecture first cooks in their mind the good houses we desire to live in. It is the work of commercial architect’s to design non-residential buildings and structures. These architects require to be licensed by the state. The licensure requirements however vary between different states. Becoming an architect is not a one day affair though. A bachelor’s degree and an internship are required.

The application of artistic, construction and engineering skills in the design of a commercial building and structures is what is applied. Other professional s are involved in the construction process and they work with the architect. During the design process the architects may consider an array of factors. Other construction costs, functionality, building of codes and the safety regulations are other factors. Commercial architects work in offices. They develop building plans and does the consultation with the clients.

After consultation with the clients the job of a commercial client begins. Determination of design requirements, project site and the project budget factors is what they do. Commercial architects after the blueprint is done coordinate the entire building process. They work together with other professionals such as engineers, interior designers and the land scape architects. Post-construction services are also offered by these architects. Workers payment is part of their concern. Testing and proofing of buildings is also part of their role.

To become a professional in architecture you will need a professional degree in architecture. Bachelor or masters degrees are the main options that one can pursue. Only five years are required to finish the bachelor degree. An undergraduate without any degree is what the degree is for. The period of studying masters depends on the experience in architecture. The degree covers the fields of history of architecture, drawing and design. Architecture analysis and site planning are also fields studied in architecture.

Internship period is mandatory before sitting for architecture licensing exam. An internship period of three or more years must be completed. A licensed architect is supposed to supervise the internship. The state’s architect licensing board is what gives the licensing requirements. A test of seven divisions must be undertaken by the commercial architecture. The test cannot be taken online like many courses nowadays. All of the tests have to be passed for the licensing to be processed.

Many architectural companies have with time been established to satisfy the needs in the market. Some in Fort Worth Texas bear the symbol top 10. This means these firm have exceeded the regulatory requirement and proven by the body in Texas. The firms are top 10 in competence and experience. They also carry the liability insurance for the client. To hire the best and safe architects consider these ones.

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