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2016 Shandong province launched 12 week double   more than 170 "double" results will be unveiled –IT– people.com.cn original title: 2016 Shandong Province double week launched 12 more than 170 "double" results will be unveiled in the original title: 2016 Shandong Province double week launched 12 more than 170 "double" results on Qilu News Network October 9th in accordance with the unified arrangements of the State Council, approved by the provincial government, is scheduled for October 12th to 18, held in 2016 in Shandong Province Public entrepreneurship peoples innovation week". Today (9 days), the provincial government information office held a press conference, invited the deputy director of the provincial development and Reform Commission, deputy secretary of Party Guanbin Li, vice president of association of Party members, Ji Hongbo introduced related activities. According to the provincial development and Reform Commission deputy director Li Guanbin introduced in 2016, Shandong double Week theme is "innovation and entrepreneurship leading industrial upgrading". Mainly based on the following considerations: Shandong Province industrial restructuring task is very heavy, on the one hand to transform and upgrade traditional industries, on the one hand, to cultivate and develop strategic new industries. The development of new industries, the formation of a new model of development, accelerate the transformation of old and new kinetic energy requires a certain process, can not be achieved overnight. The upgrading of traditional industries the focus is to optimize the structure, in accordance with the "Phoenix Nirvana, tenglonghuanniao" ideas, improve the technological content and depth of processing, enhance the supporting capacity, extend the industrial chain, the formation of new competitive advantages. Around Week theme, Shandong Province in 2016 double week design of the "1+10" series of activities. "1", namely the main venues, held at the central campus of Shandong University gymnasium in Shandong Province, the main content includes the management of activities, the "double week launch ceremony" theme exhibition in Shandong province and the results of venture capital alliance forum three: Shandong Province double week launch ceremony held on October 12th morning. To please the leadership of the provincial government, the main leadership, the provincial departments of Shandong province attended the innovation and entrepreneurship. The main contents include the launching ceremony of the provincial development and Reform Commission leadership speech, the Provincial Association for science and technology introduced double week schedule, the provincial leadership and innovation on behalf of start week tour, touch the ball, more than 500 people attended the launching ceremony of personnel. Earlier, Shandong for various industries, each region of the display item collection work, collected a total of 421 projects of all kinds of theme show, eventually identified more than 170 for the public display. The "double" theme exhibition will be divided into four modules which are double exhibit, policies and measures; new technologies and new products, new formats, new mode; entrepreneurial innovation representative and team innovation platform. Shandong venture capital alliance summit will invite domestic and foreign academic elite, focusing on innovation and entrepreneurship, regional economy, capital docking, transformation and upgrading and other issues to discuss. "10" refers to the relevant universities and research institutes, associations and other units were set up 10 sub venues, held a forum, roadshow, double exchange, academic reports, business innovation and entrepreneurship competition in week special events. [editor: Joe, Yang Tingting] (Yi Xiao, commissioning editor Bi Lei)相关的主题文章: