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13 youths trespass Hongkong military zone fire shooting eclipse was arrested in new network on 18 September, according to Hongkong, Ming Pao reported, two photography fancier to the castle shooting range after night in Tuen Mun penumbral lunar eclipse, which saw a distant fire, call the police, the people expose wax (fire). After the police arrived at the scene, the informant and a total of 13 people were arrested in wax, all involved in breaking the forbidden area. The event also expose the castle "door open" problem range. The two batch of the arrested 8 men and 5 women, 20 to 25 years old, two of the 21 and 25 year old man was a photographic alarm fancier, the remaining 11 men and women for wax party. All 13 people suspected of entering the restricted area without permission, after being investigated with the department. Long range gate open warning deserted scene for the castle peak range near Tuen Mun Leung King estate mountain, is a military restricted area, periphery has erected barbed wire to the mountain range separating, with iron gate, hang a "military zone, no trespassing" warning signs, the other also erected a roadside "in front of the military restricted area sign, prohibit illegal entry". The newspaper reporter to the scene observation, found the iron gate open, unmanned, some people go through the gate and from time to time to ignore warning area. People bear said that over the past few years, from time to time to go through the restricted area to the pineapple mountain hiking, during the gate to see closed, but did not see the lock, the morning will open the door will open the door. Xiong said to see the warning signs, but because it is often seen through this road to go hiking, do not know whether it is illegal. Two vision "explosion" alarm is fancier, in the case of two photography while fancier penumbral lunar eclipse astronomical phenomena last night after 19 years at night, especially with photographic equipment by Leung King estate after enter the castle mountain range shooting; another group of 11 men and women while chasing the moonlight into the range playing wax. Yesterday at 2 pm, two in the range saw photography fancier in flames, from time to time out of the explosion, feel suspicious under report. Police and fire officers arrived at the scene investigation, were found two of youth reported in the area, and found 6 men and 5 women were all burning wax per capita without a permit, alleged trespass, 13 were all arrested. Trespass the military restricted prisoners can be two years range is Qingshan military zone, according to the "Public Security Ordinance" military facilities shall not be allowed to enter the restricted area to the area, without the consent of the garrison, the offender is liable to a maximum fine of HK $5000 and imprisonment for two years.相关的主题文章: